My Bucket List

My Bucket List

  • Publish my  book series,
  • Help end world hunger,
  • Help the homeless,
  • Go to Japan,
  • Get married,
  • Have a family,
  • Have a house,
  • Have a car,
  • See my best friend on the  Weather Channel,
  • Become an author, a journalist, an artist, or a verterinarian,
  • Help end poverty,
  • Spread kindness,
  • Help people achieve their drams,
  • End bullying, it’s not right,it has to stop,
  •  Make others smile,
  • Visit the ocean,
  • Graduate from college.
  • Make a footprint/impact on the world


  1. Hi Rheagan,
    I think this is a great list! I think bullying isn’t right either and should stop too. It hurts other people. I also think you should go to Japan. It is very nice there and everyone there is nice. If you get a car, you should go to Japan. They have a real life Mario Kart attraction that you can tour the city with. I saw it somewhere and I thought it looked really fun. Come check out my blog!:

    1. Thanks Madison my book series or the one I’m writing right now is called Earth 12 An Advanced Alternate Earth.

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