My Favorite Book Series Warriors By Erin Hunter

      Warriors is about cat clans of cats descended from wild cats and former wild cats, that live in the wild outdoors. The clan cats call humans “Twolegs”, housecats are called “kittypets”, strays are called rouges and housing divisions or neighborhoods are called “Twolgplaces”. The first book in the first series “Into The Wild” ,”The Prophecies Begin”, starts with a kittypet named Rusty having dreams about going into to the woods near his “Twolegplace”. When Rusty finally does venture into the woods he encounters a Thunder Clan apprentice named Graypaw and they fought. Graypaw observed that Rusty was a good at fighting for a kittypet.  Later Graypaw brought Bluestar the leader of Thunder Clan and Lionheart a warrior of Thunder Clan . They invited Rusty to join Thunder Clan and later on Rusty accepted and was accepted into Thunder Clan. Rusty got his apprentice name Firepaw by Bluestar and Bluestar was his mentor. Spottedleaf the medicine cat told Bluestar that Firepaw was the fire in the prophecy, “fire will save the clan”.   That is what the beginning of the first book in the first series is about. The second book of the first series is about a conflict that involves fighting between Thunder Clan and another clan River Clan, over the Sunningrocks. The Sunningrocks is a the part of Thunder Clan’s territory that is next to the river. River Clan lives on the other side of the river. It also is the book when Firepaw and Graypaw become warriors. Firepaw’s warrior name is Fireheart and Graypaw’s warrior name is Graystripe. This is all I’m going tell you. I give credit of the information about the book to the author Erin Hunter.

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